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DINING-HALL: Meal times are as follows: breakfast from 8.0 am until 9.0 am; lunch from 1.0 pm until 2.0 pm ; afternoon snack between 5.0pm and 6.0pm; supper from 8.0pm until 9.0 pm..
The group leader should agree upon specific meal- times with house staff on the arrival of the group.
After each meal the tables should be completely cleared and wiped down and the floor swept.


DORMITORIES: There must be SILENCE by midnight. There must be no smoking, eating, drinking or playing in the dormitories.
None of the bunks should be moved from its original place and the mattresses should not be changed over without the express permission of house staff. Each guest should bring a bottom sheet, pillow-case and sleeping-bag. Blankets will be provided.


BATHROOMS: Obviously, bathrooms must be kept just as guests would wish to find them IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN HEALTH STANDARDS.


SPORTS FACILITIES: Our sports facilities, basket-ball and tennis courts and pools are provided so that you can improve your sports performance and enjoy your stay. Sports equipment can be provided if you cannot bring your own along.


PLAY AREAS: The garden areas are there for your recreation, so please use the garbage bins and take care of the plants!


POOLS: The pools may not be accessed outside official times. All minors must be accompanied by an adult. Pool rules are on view at the pool-side.


GENERAL RULES AS TO OUR FACILITIES: On arrival, you will find our facilities in a perfect state of order and cleanliness and we would request you to leave them just as you found them when you depart.You must on no account deface or damage walls or furnishings and fixtures in any way. The group leader hereby commits him/herself to repair any damage which may take place.